Services Offered

My professional moving services include:

  1. Conduct a home assessment – hear what the client/family wants, determine needs and understand client's "moving direction."
  2. Develop a flexible "moving plan" with timeline.
  3. Help client decide what furniture is "absolutely a must" and incorporate these pieces in the new home.
  4. Coordinate the sorting of belongings to downsize appropriately - what to keep, what to give to kids, what to donate, and what gets pitched.
  5. Stage current home to get it sold!
  6. Coordinate "move day" and be "in charge" of the move (if requested).
  7. Unpack, set-up, and organize the home.
  8. Place furniture.
  9. Decorate new home:
    • Use furnishings from previous home
    • Shop for new furnishings
  10. Update family member(s) with progress and other needs of senior parents (if indicated).
  11. Visit client at 1 and 3 months to make minor tweaks to decorating.
  12. Offer referral partners who can:
    • Help look at personal finances to determine your options (Financial Services, Legal Services, Estate Attorney)
    • Facilitate sale of the customer’s current home (Real Estate Agent)
    • Arrange estate sale of home and belongings (Auctioneer)
    • Coordinate updating, structural changes to change current home to assist with sale and/or make changes to their new home (Builders, Contractors, Remodelers, etc.)
    • Arrange sale of furniture pieces if children do not want them (Consignment shops, EBay, Craig List ads, etc.)
    • Facilitate the actual move (Moving Companies) - may include packing and unpacking
    • Coordinate the cleaning of old and new home (Cleaning Companies)
    • Pick up and remove unsaleable items and trash (Trash Removal and Hauling Companies)

  • One hour consultation - free of charge!
  • Charge by the hour - Pick and choose the services you want - Do as much as you want to do or as little as possible!
  • A la cart services and prices.