Moving Seniors with Style, LLC


What a Senior Move Manager can do for you?

  1. Help the senior and their family members through the challenging process of moving.
  2. Help with the all the things you need to do to move. Moving can be stressful, overwhelming, and "just too much" for you to do on your own.
  3. Assist you/your family member in making good decisions.
  4. Provide input, based on experience, in looking at the best options for you.
  5. Minimize the stressful components of moving.
  6. Allow seniors independence, autonomy, and dignity during this major life transition.
  7. Help adult children who want to help their parents, but who may have challenges such as geographic proximity, family commitments and obligations, and their own careers.
  8. Help the senior who does not have any children, who has children who are “up in age" themselves and physically cannot help, or who has senior friends and they also cannot physically help.



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