Moving Seniors with Style, LLC


Seniors, moving may or may not be in your future! While you are aging gracefully, you know:

  1. It's harder to make decisions.
  2. Things that used to be easy may now cause a lot of stress!
  3. Your home used to be big enough and now you have loads of furniture and clutter everywhere!
  4. Climbing the stairs is not easy like it used to be, your bedroom is upstairs, and the laundry room is in the basement.
  5. Your kids tell you they DO NOT WANT the "family heirlooms and keepsakes" and your furniture is "just not their style."
  6. Your neighbor lives alone and fell last week and you worry this might happen to you.
  7. You want to make your own decisions and keep your independence, but you realize you need some help.
  8. You are somewhat tired of your bossy kids telling you what to do, and quite honestly, you do not want to have to depend on them!



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